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For the latest updates on the Streetcar Project, please visit our Streetcar Facebook page. The City of El Paso, in collaboration with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) - El Paso District, is proposing the El Paso Streetcar Project, a project that would:

  • enhance mobility;
  • encourage economic development;
  • create new urbanism and smart growth; and
  • pay tribute to the historical nature of the downtown district by using a streetcar modeled after the El Paso streetcar from the early 1900s.

About the route
The proposed El Paso Streetcar Project consists of a two-mile, double-tracked corridor, beginning in the area near the Downtown Shopping District and International Bridges, traveling north through downtown to the University of Texas at El Paso area, the Cincinnati Entertainment District and back.

About the connections
WORK: Downtown Shopping District, International Bridges, UTEP
PLAY: Downtown Shopping District, Cincinnati Entertainment District
LIVE: Kern Place, Sunset Heights, UTEP housing

About the infrastructure
The guideway (i.e., tracks) would be positioned within existing traffic lanes; along the right lane, adjacent to the curb or parking lane. The streetcar stops would be located two to three blocks apart along the right edge of traffic. A maintenance facility would be constructed within the Downtown Transfer Center, located at 601 Santa Fe.

About the vehicle
The proposed vehicle is the Presidents’ Conference Committee (PCC) streetcars that once traveled throughout El Paso’s roads. The rehabilitated vehicles will be approximately 45 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, with two entrances.

For more information or to comment on this Streetcar project, please send an email to

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